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"The Golden Flower is the Elixir of Life. All changes of spiritual consciousness depend upon the heart”

Richard Wilhelm, The Secret of The Golden Flower

Soul Centered Coaching 

International Association of Coaches, Mentors & Therapists

Jungian Soul Centered coaching engages the unconscious psyche as a primary source of wisdom to inform the sessions. It is founded in the works of Carl Jung, Stanislav Grof, and many other transpersonal perspectives. Sessions experientially access symbolic, somatic, and feelings through various means to bring what is in the unconscious to conscious awareness. By tuning into this language with curiosity, we raise our level of consciousness, learn about patterns holding us back, gain a more whole sense of self, improve wellbeing, strengthen relationships, unleash creativity, and have a greater appreciation for life. Most importantly, we find our soul's path.  


Jung believed in both a personal and collective unconscious. The personal unconscious contains all of the life experiences we have forgotten or repressed. The collective unconscious contains all experiences of all mankind from all times. Within the unconscious lies our shadow - parts of our personality we put into hiding in response to situations we were unprepared to deal with. Once unconscious, it causes problems in our lives, relationships, and life path until brought into consciousness and transformed. Shadow forms the 'prima materia' of our life's work. It is the raw material out of which gold is formed and the pathway to transformation.

If you feel drawn to inner work it would be my pleasure to introduce you to this life altering practice.  I encourage you to watch the 6 minute video in the sidebar my colleague fellow Soul Centered Coach Bronwyn Katdare prepared as it gives an excellent description of Soul Centered Coaching. 

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Bronwyn Katdare on Soul Centered Coaching. 

Soul Centered Coaching

© 2024 Sessions with Tami Denice are not a substitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy, or psychiatric treatment. No service is intended to diagnose or treat any psychological or physical illness or mental health condition. 

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