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"May your dreams gradually reveal the destination of your desire."

John O'Donahue


Holotropic Breathwork® was developed by Stanislav Grof, M.D. and his late wife Christina as a powerful method to induce expanded states of consciousness for personal discovery, healing, and transformation. Accelerated, rhythmic breathing while lying on a mat in a darkened room with loud, evocative music, creates the conditions to quiet the rational, thinking mind and allow the body and psyche to arise. Participants are encouraged to stay with the material that comes up from within and express fully.


Powerful visions, somatic and emotional release are common as people report heightened sensitivity and feeling. Stan's research on thousands of clients in expanded states demonstrated the significance birth and early childhood experiences have on people's lives. Holotropic Breathwork has been consistently reported as an effective method for working with these energies. Insights, creativity, and feelings of the inter-connectedness of life are other common benefits. 

Participants work in pairs, taking turns as breathers and sitters listening to a 2.5-3 hour music set. At the end of each session, breathers are encouraged to draw, paint, or express themselves non-verbally on a mandala which the Grof's found to be an important part of the beginning of the integration of the experience.

Facilitators are trained to create a safe setting for the preparation, session, and integration activities to support long-term benefits from the experience. Workshops are typically one day or multi-day and participants often report powerful, deeply transformative, expansive and mystical experiences. 

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