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"May your dreams gradually reveal the destination of your desire."

John O'Donahue


Dreams have fascinated, terrified, and inspired people from all times. They have the power to transform, heal, guide, and even prophesize. If you have ever wondered why you have dreams or what relevance to your life, I would love to help you learn and explore this incredibly resourceful terrain.


I am a dream analyst and have been tracking and analyzing dreams since 2004 after having a prophetic dream foretelling the untimely death of a family member three weeks later.  My approach is Jungian and Holotropic. In summary this means dreams are treated symbolically with an understanding of both personal and collective unconscious aspects and they are held in a safe, judge-free container. 

Dreams are the psyche's primary communication tool for helping you navigate your life path. My classes are designed to be highly experiential, shamanic, and educational. Participants can expect to leave well prepared to navigate their dream and imaginal world. 

My primary skills are intuitive though I have studied a wide variety of dream, shamanic, and transpersonal psychology practices. I am a skilled facilitator, trained in the art of creating a safe container for learning and depth exploration. I offers in person and online dreamwork classes. 

A fun way to learn dreamwork is to gather a group of friends for a Dream Night where I will attend your home either in person in the Salmon Arm area or online to facilitate an experiential learning evening of dreamwork

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