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"The Golden Flower is the Elixir of Life. All changes of spiritual consciousness depend upon the heart”

Richard Wilhelm, The Secret of The Golden Flower

Guided and experiential sessions designed to promote healing, self-awareness, or insights. The process is founded in Jungian psychology blended with a host of ancient and philosophical theories with modern scientific breakthroughs. Your inner wisdom or soul is the resource we access and the heart of our work together. 

Sessions incorporate a variety of ways to access symbolic, shamanic, or somatic information from the unconscious psyche that include dreamwork, active imagination, oracle readings, and somatic (body/emotion) tracking. Exploration of your unconscious psyche is a proven route to transform and/or unleash your creative, intuitive power.

Tami Denice is a certified soul-centered coach trained by Dr. Bonnie Bright at the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology & Coaching™ and accredited by the IACTM. She is an awakened dreamwalker on a mission to shine a light in the dark. 

Tami enjoys working directly with people who want to be part of creating a new world or unleashing their creative power and willing to undergo the deep self-reflection required to transform. If you are feeling called to deep, inner work, click here to explore or register for one of her upcoming experiential events. 

Tami is a not a therapist or counsellor. She offers services to support life transformative, experiences. Please consult your health care provider if you are uncertain if this is the right health move for you. Thank you!

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