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"You will never find anything in the unconscious that will not be useful and good when it is made conscious and brought to the right level." Robert Johnson, Author of Inner Work

Inner Work

This inner work group is support group for your depth work. It is a safe place to sharing, integration, or exploring your unconscious reactions. Becoming more conscious of what's in the unconscious leads to transfoming negative patterns, healing wounds, and insights. The group meets online biweekly.


One effective way to do inner work is simply to be witnessed by others who quietly listen while you share what you've been ruminating on. Sharing in this way can bring clarity and insights without anyone else saying a word. Soul centered depth work is founded on the principle that we each have what Jung calls a two-million year old (wo)man deep inside who knows exactly what we need to navigate life.  

Another effective way to do inner work is to explore your unconscious reactions. It can be difficult to see our unconscious reactions. The unconscious speaks through emotional and physical responses, images, and symbols. Symbolism and somatic messages are the language of the unconscious, so as you share events that brought up strong emotions, this provides the content for us to explore. Engaging with this symbolic and somatic language is crucial for inner work. Each person will have an opportunity to share what's on their mind in the group and choose whether to work on the issue raised or just be witnessed. If you choose to work, I will facilitate as we explore your unconscious messages. 

I am happy to offer this support group free of charge. There are limited spots for participation so you must register for each session you plan to attend. 

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