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"The Golden Flower is the Elixir of Life. All changes of spiritual consciousness depend upon the heart”

Richard Wilhelm, The Secret of The Golden Flower

Soul Centered Coaching 

International Association of Coaches, Mentors & Therapists

Bronwyn Katdare on Soul Centered Coaching. 


Soul Centered coaching engages the unconscious mind. As your coach, I will access symbols of the unconscious that come in your images, feelings, and emotions. By tuning into this language with curiosity, we raise our level of consciousness, learn about patterns holding us back, gain a more whole sense of self, improve wellbeing, strengthen relationships, integrate expanded state experiences, unleash creativity, and have a greater appreciation for life. Most importantly, we find our soul's path.


Soul centered coaching is founded in the works of Carl Jung, Stanislav Grof, and other transpersonal perspectives. Sessions experientially access unconscious messages through somatic exploration, dreamwork, and active imagination.


Sessions are held online or in person. If you feel drawn to inner work I would love to introduce you to this transformational practice. Watch the 6 minute video my colleague created to learn more about some of the benefits of soul centered coaching. The video is found at the top of the page. 

Save 20% when you register for five or more sessions. Enter the promo code COACHING5 on checkout.

Soul Centered Coaching

© 2024 Sessions with Tami Denice are not a substitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy, or psychiatric treatment. No service is intended to diagnose or treat any psychological or physical illness or mental health condition. 

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