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"All dreams reflect inborn creativity and ability to face and solve life's problems." 

Jeremy Taylor





Dreams have fascinated, inspired, and frightened us for as long as humans walked the earth. Medicine peoples throughout the world have leveraged dreams for their practices of healing physical and mental ailments and in recent times, Freud and Jung are of the most notable psychiatrists who began using dreams as a primary partner to aid in the treatment of psychological ailments of their patients. Jung's subjective analysis of the symbol and somatics of dreams is a proven method of getting to know yourself on a much deeper level. 

Dreams are a readily accessible and reliable communication channel with your unconscious and therefore a valuable resource for navigating life. If you have ever wondered about the meaning of your dreams and would like to learn some skills for interpreting their message, don't miss out on this inaugral offering from the Institute for Soul Centered Psychology and Coaching.

Click on the Join Dream Group button above to be redirected to the institute and sign up for dreamwork! The hosts of the dream group rotates every 12 weeks, so you can learn from a variety of instructors all trained in somatic, shamanic, and symbolic methods for working dreams. 

Tami  has been fascinated with dreams since 2004 after having a dream foretelling her sister's untimely death.  She is the dreamgroup coordinator at the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching™ and one of the regular facilitators of the dream group. Tami teaches dreamwork, leads dream groups, and hosts online and in person events in the Salmon Arm, B.C. area. 

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