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"It is unfortunate, only too clear that if the individual is not truly regenerated in spirit, society cannot be either, for society is the sum of the individuals in need of redemption." 

Carl Gustav Jung


C.C., PhD, Licensed Psychologist (ID/WI), Holotropic Breathwork

“Being new to Holotropic Breathwork and the power of it, I was not sure what to expect when I signed up for the retreat.  Tami is such a welcoming and warm facilitator! If you are seeking personal insights, sharing transformational stories, and expanding realms of creativity – participating in her breathwork retreat is a direct match! I valued how Tami offered insightful guidance throughout the retreat, thoughtful reflections, and held space for me with such delicate attention to detail.”

M.B. Dreamwork

“Tami is a kind, compassionate and very well-versed facilitator... The content was rich, meaningful and inspirational. Tami easily engaged the group and we shared openly with trust and genuine care for all other participants - a testament to Tami. I learned so much about symbol, spirit, and soul and significantly altered my view on the meaning of my dreams. I'm so grateful to have met Tami and had this opportunity; I'm so happy I can remain connected with Tami and the group.”

R.S. Soul-Centered Coaching

“I have been fortunate to be a client of Tami Denice. She has been teaching, guiding, supporting, and encouraging me to look deep within myself. It has been a transformative experience. Tami's comprehensive knowledge and skillful use of Jungian concepts and Campbell's teaching (notably the Hero's Journey) have provided an engaging and purposeful structure to keep me moving forward. We have explored dreams, and I have learned their importance and symbolism. We have found shadow elements that prevent me from finding and following my soul's path. Tami is a perfect balance of patient and prompting. She has an unwavering commitment to growth. Tami also has deep personal integrity and honesty. I have been able to open up, share, and discover because of the trusting and safe space she creates. She is intelligent, gifted, wise, and spiritual. I highly recommend working with Tami Denice. It will help you find a more authentic self and a truer purpose.”

J.R. Dreamwork 

“This course has dramatically shifted the way I think about and relate to my dreams... I've always been an active dreamer, and this gives me the tools to work with them, and tap into my subconscious. The practical application of learning in a safe space was exactly what I was looking for, and Tami delivered it beautifully.”

J.T. Holotropic Breathwork

“I felt very safe and supported working with Barbara and Tami, which is the same high level of safety and professionalism I've come to expect and appreciate from holotropic breathwork facilitators. Being in an intimate small group for this experience was very special and allowed me to go deeper in a different way. I really look forward to doing more holotropic experiences with Barbara and Tami in the future!”

C.G. BSc(PT), PhD, Dreamwork 

“Tami has hit on a unique concept using the Holotropic Paradigm to integrate the non-ordinary experience of dreaming. to create a Holotropic container (safe set and setting) through the use of holotropic speaking and listening guidance then pairs it with guidance on how to explore and integrate dreams."

J.P. Author & Publisher, Dreamwork 

“I went into the course knowing very little about dream interpretation and by the time it was finished, felt confident interpreting my dreams... There is much to learn and I would enjoy more sessions. I loved the way Tami conducted her courses because everyone was included and instead of just being talked to we were all participants and part of the process and it was obvious that each class the sense of being a part of the experience grew with all of us.”

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