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"The Golden Flower is the Elixir of Life. All changes of spiritual consciousness depend upon the heart”

Richard Wilhelm, The Secret of The Golden Flower

Soul-Centered Coaching
International Association of Coaches, Mentors & Therapists

Soul-centered coaching consists of guided and experiential sessions designed to promote healing, self-awareness, or insights. The process is founded in Jungian and transpersonal psychologies and blends modern science and ancient wisdom. Sessions incorporate a variety of methods to access symbolic, shamanic, or somatic information from the unconscious psyche. Modalities include guided conversation, dreamwork, active imagination, and somatic (body/emotion) tracking. 

Coaching targets the 'prima materia' or shadow in your unconscious. Once shadow is in conscious awareness, your transformational journey begins and accelerates when partnered with depth work and integration. Tami's recommended alchemical 'alembic' consists of: 5-10 initial coaching sessions followed by periodic check ins plus regular sharing and/or dreamwork circles in a safe space. If your health state permits, occassional expanded states (such as Holotropic Breathwork or plant medicine journeys) can be very enlightening accelerators. 

Tami hosts biweekly sharing circles, monthly Holotropic Breathwork, dreamwork groups, and periodic shadow workshops. All of these modalities create an alembic, which is the alchemical vessel for transformation designed to infuse meaning and purpose into your life.  

Tami Denice is a certified soul-centered coach trained by Dr. Bonnie Bright at the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology & Coaching™ and accredited by the IACTM. She calls to people who are curious, open and feeling drawn to deep, inner work. 


Tami is not a therapist or counsellor. She offers services to support transformative experiences and exploration. Please consult your support team or health care provider if you are uncertain if this is the right health decision for you. 

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